ZH-1B3 Semi-Automatic Powder Bagging Machine

ZH-1B3 Semi-Automatic Powder Bagging Machine

ZH-1B3 semi-automatic powder bagging machine is typically designed to pack corrosive materials, like agriculture pesticide. Its packing weight ranges 10 g to 5000 g and packaging rate is 10 to 50 bags in one minute. The hopper volume is 50L. Such powder filling machine adopts the weighing feedback track filling type.

1. Made of stainless steel, this semi-automatic powder bagging machine conforms to the requirement of GMP and Food Health Authentication.
2. The PLC makes it stable working, anti jamming and high weighing precision. Touch screen interface enables operation convenient and clear to see.
3. Adopting weighing feedback proportion filling, such powder filling machine overcomes the changes of packing weight caused by the changes of materials weight.
4. Driven by servo motor in filling section, ZH-1B3 powder bagging machine can realize precise positioning, large torque, long service life and settable rotating speed.
5. The maintenance-free gear motor in stirring section ensures low noise and no maintenance for life.
6. Entirely enclosed glass hopper makes material movement clear and keeps dust from escaping. In addition, the filling exit is furnished with a dust suction device protect workshop environment.
7. The working state of powder bagging machine can be changed randomly and conveniently.

Technical Parameter

Metering Mode Screw Rotation Filling Traced by Weighing Feedback
Packaging Weight (g) 10-5000 (Screw Attachment Changeable)
Weighing Range (g) 1-6000 (Resolution 1g)
  Packaging Precision   ≤ 100 g with an Error ≤ ±0.5-1 g
100-1000g with an Error ≤ ±0.5%-1%
>1000g with an Error ≤ ±0.25%-0.5%
Packaging Rate (bags/min.) 10-50
Power Supply of ZH-1B3 Powder Bagging Machine Three-Phase 380V (Or Single Phase 220V), 50-60Hz
Total Power (Kw) 1.8
Weight (Kg) 260
Dimensions (mm) 800 × 1200 × 2050
Hopper Volume (L) 50

LANTYPC®. has obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification and SGS third-party certification. Besides, some products (e.g. semi- automatic powder bagging machine) have passed CE authentication. With top-ranking product quality and high efficient after-sale service, our products including powder filling machine have a great demand both at home and abroad. We will continue to improve ourselves in order to better meet the markets and customers’ new requirements.

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