Tube Filling Sealing Machine

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Our tube filling sealing machine is used to fill all kinds of pasty, cream and sticky liquids into tubes. Besides, this type of tube filler and sealer can also finish tube inside hot air heating, tube end capping, batch and production date printing, etc. Nowadays, it has become the ideal and economical filling equipment.

Tube filling sealing machine can be subdivided into nine types: ZHY-60YP plastic, ZHF-100YC, ZHZ-60Z metal, ZHF-80Z metal and ZHYZ-80A high speed tube filling sealing machine, ultrasonic sealing machine, air operated piston pump and high shear emulsifier.

The tube filling sealing machine is suitable for large diameter plastic tube and composite tube filling and sealing in pharmaceutical, foodstuff, cosmetics and other industries. In addition, such tube filler and sealer is also available for packing compound dexamethasone acetate, ointment, tint, toothpaste, shoe polish, adhesive, AB glue, epoxy glue and chloroprene rubber adhesive.

1. LANTYPC® tube filling sealing machine is controlled by PLC, thus very reliable.
2. The driving device is enclosed below worktable, leading to no pollution.
3. The filling and sealing part is installed inside semi-enclosed non static visible cover which enables clear observation and easy maintenance.
4. Driven by cam, the turntable rotates speedily and precisely.
5. With vacuum adsorption device, tube filling sealing machine can make tubes located at the right position.
6. The tube filler and sealer employs high precision probe and stepping motor to enable the tube pattern in the right place.
7. To realize better effect, tube inside hot air heating and outside cooling device are adopted.
8. The batch code can be automatically printed at the required site.
9. Beside, our tube filling sealing machine is equipped with fault alarming overload protection device. It stops when the door is opened.
10. The mechanical shear can cut tube tail into square or circular angle.

Shipping and Payment
1. Tube filling sealing machine is packed in wooden case.
2. Three available transport ways are by sea, by air and by land.
3. T/T and L/C are acceptable.

LANTYPC®. is a professional tube filler and sealer manufacturer. We have obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification, SGS third-party certification. Our products like tube filling sealing machine have passed CE authentication. So far we have more than 100 domestic customers and over 400 foreign customers. Besides, we keep good cooperation relationship with European counterparts for better technical support.