Liquid Filling Machine

  • ZH-CZ-4 Weight Liquid Filling Machine
  • ZH-CZ-4 Weight Liquid Filling MachineZH-CZ-4 weight filling machine is used for filling liquid with the weight of 10 kg to 50 kg. It is especially suitable for quantitative filling of water aqua, edible oil and lubricating oil. Liquid filling machine is idea packing machine in foodstuff, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries.1. Weight filling machine adopts PLC and touch screen which make the filling...
  • ZHDY One Head Liquid Filling Machine
  • ZHDY One Head Liquid Filling MachineZHDY one head liquid filling machine is a kind of semi-automatic piston type liquid filling machine. It is mainly used in the beverage filling operations. 1. Pneumatic parts of one head liquid filling machine all adopt famous brands such as Germany FESTO and Taiwan’s AirTac. 2. Semi-automatic liquid filling equipment is reasonable in size, small and exquisite in model and also easy to operate...

We are highly reputed for providing high quality liquid filling machine. This liquid filler is well known for its compact structure, concise appearance and adjustable filling volume. Such liquid packing machine including two models (ZH-CZ-4 and ZHDY) is widely applied to chemical, cosmetics, beverage and pharmaceutical industry.

1. Wenzhou Zhonghuan liquid filling machine is much simpler in operation, adjustment, cleaning and maintenance. Besides, the precision error is much lower.
2. Made of 316 L stainless steel, the material contacting parts are anti corrosion and can be used for a long time.
3. Liquid packing machine enjoys advantage of quick but accurate filling.
4. Apart from anti-leakage filling head, this liquid filling machine also anti-form filling lifting system, bottle neck positioning and hydraulic control system.
5. It also has function of counting.

1. Our liquid filling machine is automatic liquid filler suitable for all kinds of oils like lubrication oil, cooking oil, etc.
2. Liquid packing machine is armed with touch display screen, 8 meters frequency control conveyer belt, automatic induction capper and vacuum anti leakage device.
3. Other performances include HMI, PLC, high precision positive displacement meter, mechanical sealing and double velocity filling.

Shipping and Payment
1. Wooden case is used to package liquid filling machine.
2. The equipment can be transported by sea, by air and by land.
3. Both T/T and L/C are acceptable.

Wenzhou Zhonghuan Corporation, founded in 2001, engages in developing and manufacturing liquid filling machine. Our products have been certified by ISO9001 and some even by CE. Presently, the company primarily produces liquid packing machine, perfume filler, screw capping machine, labeler, filling sealing equipment, etc. Welcome to visit our website or call us for more information.