Paste Filling Machine

  • ZHDG One Head Ointment Filling Machine
  • ZHDG One Head Ointment Filling Machine1. This paste filling machine has features of reasonable design, small size and simple operation. 2. The pneumatic part adopts German FESTO and Taiwan AirTac pneumatic components. 3. The material contacting part is made of 316L stainless steel to avoid corrosion, conforming to GMP standard. 4. The filling head of paste filling machine employs anti-leakage and lifting filling...

Our paste filling machine, also known as ointment filling equipment, is an automatic filling system constituted by precise pneumatic components and powered by compressed air. Such piston cream filler is suitable for a variety of liquids, sticky fluids and pastes. Besides, it can be working under flammable and explosive condition. Presently, it is the ideal filling equipment for such industries as pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, cosmetics, etc.

1. The paste filling machine is semi automatic piston one.
2. It is characteristic of simple structure, reasonable design, small size and easy operation.
3. This ointment filling equipment utilizes German FESTO and Taiwan AIRTAC pneumatic components.
4. The parts contacting materials are made of 316L stainless steel.
5. The filling head of paste filling machine employs anti-leakage and lifting filling device.
6. The filling volume and speed are adjustable, resulting in precise filling.

Washing Requirements
1. Such paste filling machine should be cleaned from oil stain or dirt using soft non-woven cloth with cleaning agent before operation. Then use the cloth to dry it.
2. Check the material contacting parts to see whether it conforms to GMP requirements or not. If not, re-clean and dry it.
3. Choose correct cleaning method depending on technological needs.

1. The paste filling machine can work automatically and manually. When adopting manual operation, users should use bottleneck to push trigger to let the machine fill. When working automatically, bottles should be placed at the discharging exit first so that they can fill materials quickly.
2. The charge check valve should be examined when the metering of ointment filling equipment becomes unstable.
3. The seal ring needs replacing if the lower cylinder leaks materials.

Founded in April, 2001, Wenzhou Zhonghuan Packaging Machine Co., Ltd. is a professional paste filling machine manufacturer. Apart from that, we also supply filling sealing equipment, liquid filler, ointment filling equipment, and so forth. Our products have won certification of ISO 9001 quality management system, SGS third party authentication and CE. We promise to provide better and more perfect service for both new and old customers with enthusiasm.