Carton Packing Line

  • ZXP-01 Automatic Case Packer
  • ZXP-01 Automatic Case Packer1. ZXP-01 automatic case packer can arrange the products according to different encasement demands. 2. Automatic carton packer has wide range of application. It is especially suitable for....
  • CF-01 Automatic Carton Erector
  • CF-01 Automatic Carton Erector1. Automatic carton erecting machine is used to finish carton opening, shaping, bottom folding and flexing as well as sticking the adhesive tape at the bottom automatically. It saves...
  • YK-05 Carton Sealer Machine
  • YK-05 Carton Sealer Machine1. YK-05 carton sealing machine is suitable for assembly line or single use. 2. Box sealing machine has the advantages of computer control, compact structure, simple operation and...

Automatic carton packing line mainly includes heat shrink film packaging machine, carton erecting machine, grab type case packer, pallet making machine, pallet wrapping machine, carton sealing machine, bag in box packaging machine, automatic side push case packer, semi-automatic side push case packer, robotic case packing machine, carton stacker machine and robotic stacker crane. They can be arbitrarily combined according to different requirements.

Automatic carton packing line is widely used in foodstuff, pharmaceutical, dairy product, beverage, daily chemical and electronic fields.

Lined carton packing machines of our company mainly provides APL-CSS01 automatic carton packing line, ZXP-01 automatic case packing machine, CF-01 automatic carton erecting machine, YK-05 carton sealer machine and MD-01 automatic carton stacker machine.

Payment, Packaging and Delivery
1. T/T or L/C is accepted terms of payment.
2. The machines are packed in standard carton boxes.
3. Type of shipping is by sea, by air or land transportation.

Wenzhou Zhonghuan Packaging Machine Co., Ltd. is a professional automatic carton packing line manufacturer in China. We have obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification and SGS third-party certification. Part of the products have passed CE authentication. So far we have more than 100 domestic customers and over 400 foreign customers. The products and our service share good reputation both in China and abroad. The products like ordinary pressure filling machine and rotary capping machine are exported to the United States, EU, etc.