Monoblock Filling Machine

  • Filling and Capping Machine
  • Filling and Capping MachineThis filling and capping machine is suitable for high viscosity products such as suspension concentrate...
  • Eye Drops Filling Machine
  • Eye Drops Filling MachineThe eye drops filling machine contains several steps as follow: 1.Entering: Place the unfilled bottle on the turn plate by workers and then into the conveyer belt...

Monoblock filler-capper is an integrated filling and capping machine carefully engineered for long-term reliability, versatility and easy changeover. It accurately fills liquids with a wide range of viscosities through the use of either piston pumps or flow meter systems.

Advantages of Monoblock Filling Machine
1. Pressure gravity filling for more viscous products
2. Speeds from 10 to 700 bottles per minute
3. Machine safety and ultra-clean controlled environment enclosures
4. Customized systems to meet your special project requirements

Classification of ZH Monoblock Filling Machine
1. ZHNP-50A Enamel Filling Plugging Capping Machine
2. ZHNP-40 Enamel Filling Brushing Capping Machine
3. ZHNX-60Y Mechanical Hand Double-Head Eye Drop Filling Capping Machine
4. ZHJY-50 Oil Filling Corking and Capping Machine
5. ZHS-50 Perfume Filling Cap Pressing Machine
6. ZHY-50 Perfume Filling and Capping Machine
7. QGQ750 Automatic Aerosol Filling Machine
8. QGBS-500 3-in-1 Semi-automatic Aerosol Filling Machine

Package, Delivery & Payment
Our ZH monoblock filling machines will be packaged by wooden boxes. They are delivered by sea, airplane or by land. Payment by T/T or L/C is acceptable.

Wenzhou Zhonghuan Packaging Machine Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of packing machines in China. We have obtained ISO9001 system and parts of our products have passed CE authentication. If the above mentioned monoblock filling machines (monoblock filler-cappers) interest you, please feel free to contact us.