GSF30/2 Automatic Powder Filling Capping Machine

GSF30/2 Automatic Powder Filling Capping Machine

This GSF30/2 automatic powder filler combines the functions of filling and capping. Thus, it wins broad application to packing milk powder, monosodium glutamate, solid beverage, dextrose, coffee, solid drug, etc.

1. GSF30/2 automatic powder filler can complete powder filling and bottle capping on the same machine.
2. The servo motor is used to drive screw rod and the filling volume can be set on the touch screen.
3. It has high filling accuracy (0.75%).
4. Such bottle capping machine can change screw rods to satisfy various materials.
5. Intelligentized operation can be achieved with six testing points and touch screen.
6. The capping head of automatic powder filler can be changed to fit to different bottle caps.
7. It can be armed with feeding system.

Main Technical Specification

Filling Volume (ml) 3-500 (Via Changing Screw Rods)
Number of Filling Head (Sets) 2
Capacity (b/min) 30-60
Filling Accuracy 0.75%
Hopper Volume (L) 30 × 2
Compressed Air: 5-6 Kg/cm,  0.2 m3/min
Supply Power 3P 080V/220V 50-60Hz 2500W
Dimension (L × W × H) (mm) 2400 × 1100 × 1800
Net Weight (Kg) 750

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