ZHGNX-III Mechanical Hand Eye Drop Filling and Capping Machine

Mechanical Hand Eye Drop Filling Machine is a brand new product of our company around these years; it sets the number of steps peristaltic pumps with micro computer to accomplish metering and filling (special occasions with ceramic pump). The machine also got the functions of automatic filling, automatic plugging and capping. Mechanical Hand Eye Drop Capping Machine is equipped with special mechanical hand in order to ensure the plug and the outer cover to enter the bottle and be a fully automatic machine.


Filling Volume 2 to 20ml
Producing Capacity 40 to 60 80 to 120 bottle/min
Filling Precision ≤1%
Power 220V 50Hz 1.0kW
Capping Rate ≥99%
Automatic Capping Rate ≥99%
Air Supply 2m3/h 0.4 to 0.8 mpa
Weight 400kg
Dimension 2400mm×1100mm×1500mm
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