Shrink Packaging Machine

Shrink packaging machine is used to heat the shrink film packed in the outside of products. Then the film shrinks and fully wraps the products to show the appearance of items, improve product exhibitsell as well as increase beauty and sense of value.

Shrink packaging machine is suitable for wrapping glass bottles, polyfoam boards, boxes, toys, electrical appliances, stationeries, books, records, hardware tools, daily necessities, medicines, cosmetics, beverage, fruits and mark labels. Shrink wrapping machine is also suitable for tight packing for several items and pallet packaging.

1. Shrink wrapping machine adopts far infrared ray to directly heat the items.
2. Shrink packaging machine is small in size. The preheat time is very short therefore the machine is power saving.
3. Shrink wrapping machine is able to achieve electronics stepless temperature adjustment. It has simple structure and is easy to operate and clean.

Shrink packaging machine provided by our company includes FL-5045T+SM-4525 semi-auto sealing cutting and shrink packaging equipment, FM-5540 sealing and shrink 2 in 1 packaging machine, PW-800H automatic overlapping shrinking wrapping machine, ST-6030A+SM-6040 auto (PE) shrink packager, ST-6030AH+SM-6040 auto (PE) tidy and shrink packager and automatic sealing and cutting machine.

1. The products after packaging have the functions of sealing, moisture proof and anti-collision.
2. Shrink packaging machine absorbs foreign advanced technology and combines domestic situation. It overcomes the disadvantages of overstow instability, machine stuck and maladjustment to small size items.
3. Shrink wrapping machine adopts fittings from international famous company. The equipment operates stably and reliably.
4. The finished products are smooth and tidy in appearance and wrapped tightly with firm welding line.