Lotion Filling and Capping Machine

This lotion filling and capping machine got the functions as follow.
1.Place the screw into bottles automatically.
2.Check if there is any bottle and decide to fill or not, cap or not.
3.Automatic filling cap feeding and capping.


1.The lotion filling and capping machine is a brand new product, and the structure is compact.

2.The machine got automatic head dive in filling and fast back up.

3.The conveyer belt is driven by braking motor and it stops while filling.

4.The lotion filling machine runs very smooth, it won’t fill without bottle.

5.The machine records filling times automatically.

6.It equips with safety guard and SHP-36/48 bottle feeding machine.


Max Filling Volume 250ml
Filling Speed 40 bottles/min
Filling Precision ≥99%
Finished Product Rate of Cap Drop ≥99%
Power 1kW 220V
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