RFXG-40A Filling Sealing and Capping Machine

The filling sealing and capping machine is suitable for medication, food and chemical industry. It got the functions of filling with heat preservation, sealing film, capping and locking automatically with the materials of high viscosity paste. This bottle filling and capping machine equips with PLC controller and human interface, makes the structure compact, operation easy and performance stable.


Main Motor Power 0.4kW
Pusher Servo Power 0.4kW
Production Capacity 30 to 40pcs/min
Power Supply 1P 220V 50Hz
Compressed Air 0.6 to 0.8 Mpa
Sealing Temperature 245℃
Filling Volume 45 to 250ml
Filling Accuracy ≤1%
Dimension 1755×1280×1830 mm (Exclude conveyer belt and cover neatening device)
Weight 600kg
Total Power 2kW
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