Powder Filling Machine

  • ZHS-2B-1 Automatic Powder Filling Machine
  • ZHS-2B-1 Automatic Powder Filling MachineThis type of automatic powder filling machine is an economical packing machine suitable for packing powder and fine particles. Beyond that, it can complete bottle automatic positioning, filling and measuring. ZHS-2B-1 powder filler is made up of a filling head, a motorized chain conveyor and a positioning device. It fits to fluidic or low-fluidity materials, like milk powder...
  • ZH-1B3 Semi-Automatic Powder Bagging Machine
  • ZH-1B3 Semi-Automatic Powder Bagging MachineZH-1B3 semi-automatic powder bagging machine is typically designed to pack corrosive materials, like agriculture pesticide. Its packing weight ranges 10 g to 5000 g and packaging rate is 10 to 50 bags in one minute. The hopper volume is 50L. Such powder filling machine adopts the weighing feedback track filling type. 1. Made of stainless steel, this semi-automatic powder bagging machine conforms...
  • ZH-GZF500 Twin Head Powder Filling Machine
  • ZH-GZF500 Twin Head Powder Filling MachineZH-GZF500 twin head powder filling machine is available for packaging powdery and grainy materials, such as milk powder, monosodium glutamate, solid beverage, icing sugar, and dextrose. What’s more, this automatic powder packing machine also fits to coffee, solid medicament, paint, rice flour, etc.1. Twin head powder filling machine is equipped with Chinese/English touch screen...
  • GSF30/2 Automatic Powder Filling Capping Machine
  • GSF30/2 Automatic Powder Filling Capping MachineThis GSF30/2 automatic powder filler combines the functions of filling and capping. Thus, it wins broad application to packing milk powder, monosodium glutamate, solid beverage, dextrose, coffee, solid drug, etc.1. GSF30/2 automatic powder filler can complete powder filling and bottle capping on the same machine. 2. The servo motor is used to drive screw rod and the filling volume can be...

The powder filling machine or powder filler is a kind of packaging machinery suitable for packing agriculture pesticide, veterinary drug, additive, milk powder, condiment, amylum, gunk, enzymic preparation, fodder, and so forth.

The powder filling machine can be divided into four models--ZHS-2B-1, ZH-1B3, ZH-GZF500 and GSF30/2.

1. The powder filling machine has functions of automatic quantification, filling and adjusting measure error.
2. It is of high speed with adopting screw discharging and optical technology.
3. Such powder filler enjoys wide application. It fits to nearly all kinds of powdery and granulated materials.
4. The filling part is made of stainless steel preventing cross contamination.
5. Power filling machine is controlled by micro computer, leading to accurate quantification. The parameters are adjustable.
6. The filling range is wide (usually 5 to 5000g).
7. The filling accuracy is high with adoption of stepping motor and electronic weighing technology.
8. Our powder filling machine can pack things into bags, cans, bottles, and so on.

Shipping and Payment
1. Power filling machine should be packed in wooden case.
2. Three types of transportation are by sea, by air and by land.
3. T/T and L/C are both available.

Founded in April, 2001, Wenzhou Zhonghuan Packaging Machine Co., Ltd. is a professional packing machinery manufacturer for various liquid, powder, ointment, fluid and semi-fluid. Our main products include powder filling machine, computer-controlled liquid filling machine, rotary capping machine, screw capping machine, etc. Our products including powder filler have obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification, SGS third-party certification. Part of the products have passed CE authentication. So far we have more than 100 domestic customers and over 400 foreign customers.