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  • Powder Filling Machine
  • Powder Filling MachineThe powder filling machine or powder filler is a kind of packaging machinery suitable for packing agriculture pesticide, veterinary drug, additive, milk powder, condiment, amylum, gunk, enzymic...
  • Liquid Filling Machine
  • Liquid Filling MachineWe are highly reputed for providing high quality liquid filling machine. This liquid filler is well known for its compact structure, concise appearance and adjustable filling volume...
  • Paste Filling Machine
  • Paste Filling MachineOur paste filling machine, also known as ointment filling equipment, is an automatic filling system constituted by precise pneumatic components and powered by compressed air. Such...

Filling machine is suitable for eye drops, glycerine enema, plant oil, grease, floral water, chemical liquids, paint, etc. According to filling materials, this packaging machine falls apart into liquid filling machine, ointment filler, powder filler and grain packer. While in respect of automation degree, it is subdivided into semi auto and fully auto. With food QS certification, cooking oil manufacturers has paid more attention to products packing. Thus, oil filling machine becomes more and more popular.

1. Since our filling machine is automatic, the sizes of bottles, bottle mat and cap are uniform.
2. Move the machine by handle to check if it is abnormal or not before operation.
3. Choose appropriate tools to adjust powder filler. Overlarge tool is not accepted to dismantle components in order not to damage them.
4. Tighten all loosed screws after adjustment. Do not operate filling machine unless its movement conforms to the demands.
5. Keep ointment filler clean from oil stain, liquor or glass scrap so that it may not get damaged.
A. Make timely cleaning during operation.
B. Clean every parts of filling machine surface before shift and oil each rotating part with grease.
C. Take a weekly thorough cleaning, especially the areas that are not cleaned usually.

1. When filling machine is unpacked, users should firstly check whether the technical information is complete and whether the machine is damaged or not. If so, a prompt solution can be made.
2. The material feeding and ejecting components should be installed and adjusted according to the diagram in instruction book.
3. Replenish new lubrication oil at each lubricating point of powder filler.
4. Use jigger handle to rotate filling machine to make sure whether the rotating direction is right or not.

Work Procedure
Firstly, put bags or bottles on the tray sent through conveyor belt to depalletizer.
Secondly, send them to bottle washer for disinfection and cleaning and then to filling machine and sealing machine after being tested qualified.
Thirdly, the filler puts liquids or powders into bottles or bags which then are sealed and sent to labeling machine for labeling.
Fourthly, they are transferred to box filler.
Finally, the boxes full of bags or bottles are sent to storehouse on the tray.

Shipping and Payment
1. Filling machine should be packed in wooden case.
2. Three kinds of transportation are for selection—by sea, by air and by land.
3. Acceptable types of payment are T/T and L/C.

Wenzhou Zhonghuan Packaging Machine Co., Ltd. is a professional filling machine manufacturer in China. Beyond that, our company still makes rotary capping machine, sealing equipment, powder filler, and so on. We have obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification, SGS third-party certification. Part of the products have passed CE authentication. So far we have more than 100 domestic customers and over 400 foreign customers. The products (e.g. ointment filler) and our service share good reputation both in China and abroad.