ZHFM-125 Ultrasonic Sealing Machine

ZHFM-125 Ultrasonic Sealing Machine

ZHFM-125 ultrasonic tube sealing machine is suitable for plastic and composite tube sealing in toothpaste, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food and other industries. Such ultrasonic end capping machine is well-designed and its performance is better than similar products.

1. The ultrasonic tube sealing machine adopts aluminum alloy structure and stainless steel cover.
2. The independent man-machine operating platform brings a lot of convenience to users.
3. Ultrasonic end capping machine is easy to operate with the adjustable work piece platform.
4. Taiwan cassette mechanism and circuit lines are employed. Besides, micro-computer controller is also used.
5. With large ultrasonic output power, the quality of tubes can be ensured.
6. Our ultrasonic tube sealing machine is equipped with overload protection device, phase separation protection device and power-failure protection device.

Technical Parameters

Power AC220V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz
Max. Power (w) 1250
Work Power (KHz) 20
Tube Diameter (mm) F2-F80
Weight (Kg) 88

Shipping and Payment
1. Wooden case is available to pack ultrasonic tube sealing machine.
2. It can be transported by air, by sea and by land.
3. T/T and L/C are acceptable.

With over 10 years of development, LANTYPC®. has accumulated plenty of experience and won lots of popularity in the market. We have been dedicated to various packaging machines, like ultrasonic tube sealing machine, tube filling machine, nail filling machine, rotary capping machine and labeling machine, bottle unscrambler, and so forth. The products including ultrasonic end capping machine have a great demand in domestic and oversea market, and it is our permanent topic and sincere promise to customers to keep improving high, developing and satisfying customer and meeting market's demand.

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