ZHY-60YP Plastic Tube Filling Sealing Machine

ZHY-60YP Plastic Tube Filling Sealing Machine

ZHY-60YP plastic tube filling machine is broadly used in cosmetics, light chemical, pharmaceutical, foodstuff and other industries. Such plastic tube sealer is suitable for packing ointment, cream, gel and sticky fluids. Plastic, plastic composite and aluminum plastic composite tubes are available.

1. The driving part of plastic tube filling machine is enclosed under worktable, thus safe, reliable and clean.
2. The operating table is made of stainless steel.
3. This plastic tube sealer possesses the functions of filling and sealing, leading to high efficiency and effectiveness.
4. Plastic tube filling machine is furnished with high precision probe and stepping motor to position tube pattern at the desired site.
5. The filling and sealing part is installed inside semi-enclosed non static visible cover, leading to clear observance, easy operation and simple maintenance.
6. Plastic tube filling machine can be well protected with overload protection and fault alarming device.
7. Optional devices include chiller, date coding and embossing device, automatic tube feeding device and change parts.

Parameters of ZHY-60YP Plastic Tube Filling Machine

Filling Volume (ml/unit) 1-250 (Adjustable)
Filling Accuracy ≤ ±1﹪
Capacity (unit/hour) 2400-3000 (Adjustable)
Tube Diameter (mm) Φ10-50
Tube Length (mm) 50-200mm
Hopper Volume (L) 40L
Power (V) 380V/220V (Optional)
Air Pressure (MPa) 0.4-0.6
Equipped Motor (kW) 1.1
Machine Power (kW) 5
Inner Wind Motor (kW) 0.37
Convulsions Motor (kW) 0.37
Dimension (mm) 1950 × 760 × 1850
Weight (Kg) About 950

ZHY-60YP plastic tube filling machine’s filling volume is 1 to 250 ml per unit. And the filling accuracy is far less than ±1. The capacity of such plastic tube sealer reaches 2400 to 3000 units in one hour and can be adjusted. The suitable tube diameter and length is 10 to 50mm and 50 to 200 mm respectively. It is equipped with a hopper whose volume is 40 L. The machine weighs about 950 kg with a size of 1950 × 760 × 1850 mm. If you have interest in our plastic tube filling machine, be quick to contact us.

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