AP-B-2/1-63-3-2 Pneumatic Piston Drum Pump

AP-B-2/1-63-3-2 Pneumatic Piston Drum Pump

This air operated piston drum pump is a barrel inserting one which is 63 mm wide and 650 mm long. Such pneumatic barrel pump is generally used to transport sticky liquids, cream and ointment to tube filling sealing machine. The maximum flow it can support is 30 L per minute. The highest temperature of medium is 100℃ and the maximum viscosity can reach 80,000 CPS. To lengthen service life, the material contacting part is made of SS316L and PTFE. At present, air operated piston drum pump has become the ideal transporting equipment in textile, pharmaceutical, dyeing, chemical and other industries.

1. AP-B-2/1-63-3-2 air operated piston drum pump has features of freezing resistance, low sound, small vibration and moderate power.
2. Pneumatic barrel pump is explosion-proof and the speed can be adjusted randomly.
3. The driving unit and pump pipe adopt rapid installation connection, which can realize rapid disassembly and cleaning.

Technical Parameters

Model of Air Operated Piston Drum Pump AP-B-2/1-63-3-2 (Barrel Inserting Type: Inserted At Transfer Barrel of 600mm Height)
Compression Ratio 2:1
Parts Contacting Materials  SS316L and PTFE
Max. Outlet Pressure (Bar) 16 (1.6Mpa)
Max.  Flow (L/Min) 30
Max.  Medium Temperature (℃) 100
Max. Viscosity (CPS) 80000
Pump Pipe Diameter (mm) 63
Pump Pipe Length (mm) 650mm
Outlet Size of Pneumatic Barrel Pump Rapid Installation Connection (Connecting 32mm)Hose Connector
Air Inlet Size   G1/4
Air Pressure (Bar) 3-8
Temperature Used Outside The Pump -10℃-60℃

How to Use Air Operated Piston Drum Pump
1. First of all, put feeding pipe correctly into the required barrel.
2. Secondly, connect anti corrosive tube outlet to the feeding place.
3. Thirdly, close the inlet valve and connect air supply pipe into the valve. Adjust the pump to work.

1. During operation, users should avoid air operated piston drum pump from knocking which may deform it.
2. After running for over one million times, pneumatic barrel pump should be cleaned.
3. Users are expected to make a thorough and careful cleaning to prevent frozen paste if the pump is not used for a long time.

1. The guarantee period lasts 12 months. What’s more, free components for air operated piston drum pump can be provided excluding the man-made ones.
2. Other services include installation and training.
3. Pneumatic barrel pump has won acknowledgement from CE and SGS.
4. European technologies are employed.

Shipping and Payment
1. The air operated piston drum pump should be packaged in wooden case.
2. Available transportation methods are by sea, by air and by land.
3. Both T/T and L/C are available.

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