ZHF-100YC Plastic Tube Filling And Sealing Machine

ZHF-100YC Plastic Tube Filling And Sealing Machine

The ZHF-100YC aluminum tube filling sealing machine is PLC controlled and is able to show parameters digitally. Its rotating speed is 80 per minute and the filling capacity ranges from 1 ml to 400 ml. Besides, this kind of automatic filling machine enjoys high filling accuracy (≤ ±0.5﹪). The suitable tube length and diameter are 50 to 240 mm and 10 to 60mm respectively. The machine can be equipped with lots of devices to enrich its functions like multi-color filling system, interlayer barrel insulation device, etc.

1. This ZHF-100YC aluminum tube filling sealing machine is suitable for cosmetics, pharmaceutical, foodstuff and light industry. It can fill inside the tube with ointment, imiquimod, gel or sticky liquid. And then commend hot melting, stitching, batch coding, shearing and discharging finished products.
2. Our aluminum tube filling sealing machine can also be used in multi-color filling, special tube filling and special-shaped sealing. The suitable tubes are plastic tube, plastic composite tube and aluminum plastic tube.

Parameters of ZHF-100YC Aluminum Tube Filling Sealing Machine

Rotating Speed 80/min/(max)
Filling Capacity (ml) 1-400 ml
Filling Accuracy ≤ ±0.5﹪
Tube Length for Automatic Filling Machine (mm) 50-240
Tube Diameter (mm) 10-60
Standard Configuration Obliquely Hanging Type Automatic Lining-up Tube Feeding Storehouse
Optional Externally Allocated Refrigerator
Optional Blowing and Sucking Type Tube Cleaning Device  
Optional Interlayer Barrel Insulation Device
Optional Blending Device Inside the Barrel  
Optional Large-Scale Tube Feeding Device (Externally Allocated Floor Type Synchronous Tube Feeding Machine)  
Optional Special-Shaped Sealing Devices (Wave Type Sealing Device, Arc Sealing Device, T-Shaped Punching Hole Sealing Device, etc.)  
Optional Multi-Color Filling System  
Optional Special Filling Device with Volume Lower Than 3ml/Tube  
Optional Nitriding Device Before And After Filling  
Optional Automatically Controlled Material Feeding Device (Pump)  
Optional Finished Tube Conveyor  

Work Procedure of Aluminum Tube Filling Sealing Machine
Tube Storehouse (tube container) → Automatic Loading Tube→ Positioning →Tube Internal Cleaning → Feeding → Tail Hot Melting →Sealing and Batch Coding → Tube Locating → Shearing → Discharging Finished Tube

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