ZHY-50 Perfume Filling and Capping Machine

ZHY-50 Perfume Filling and Capping Machine

ZHY-50 perfume filling capping machine gathers optics, mechanism, electricity and pneumatics as a unity. This perfume filler and capper features high automatization, wide adaptability and stability. It can operate at speeds of up to 50 bottles per minute.

1. The perfume filling capping machine has one year warranty period. We will provide wear parts for free, except caused by human factors. Besides, installation training is offered.
2. This perfume filler and capper adopts European advanced technology. It is certified by CE and SGS.

Specification of ZHY-50 Perfume Filling Capping Machine

Filling Volume 5~120 ml
Filling Speed 30-50 bottles/min
Filling Accuracy ≥99% 
Capping Yield Rate 99%
Main Machine Power 1KW 220/380V Frequency Control

1. Put the bottles into the feeding conveyor to let them enter the filling machine in order.
2. The exam sensor starts to exam if there is bottle on this station. Then deliver the exam signal to the inner control system, to control no bottle, no filling.
3. If the sensor exams that there are bottles, then the perfume filling capping machine starts to fill.
4. The bottles after filling enter into the automatic caps dropping station through the rotary table.
5. The bottles after dropping caps enter into automatic capping station.
6. At last, the bottles after capping will be sent into the output conveyor.

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