QGQ750 Automatic Aerosol Filling Machine

QGQ750 Automatic Aerosol Filling Machine

Adopting advanced technology, QGQ750 automatic aerosol filling machine’s filling end is controlled separately, which will not discharge without filling. And the capping end is being sealing-guided, it will automatically stop if the sealing quality is not good. Besides, the charging end adopts the way of oriented inflation, ensuring accuracy, efficiency and minimal gas consumption.

1. Being in the peer-leading level, the aerosol filling machine has been exported to Europe, America, Africa, and Southeast Asia.
2. This kind of automatic aerosol filler can be matched with automatic valve, automatic weighing machine, automatic valve actuator presser, automatic capping machine and spray code machine.
3. The aerosol filling machine has one year warranty period. We will provide wear parts for free except caused by human factors.

Technical Parameters of Automatic Aerosol Filler

Filling Accuracy ≤±1%
Filling Capacity 50-750 ml
Inflation Capacity 50-750 ml
Inflation Accuracy ≤±1%
Capping Accuracy ≤1%
Production Capacity 2400-3600 cans/hr
Working Pressure 0.65-1 Mpa
Maximum Air Consumption 3 m2/min
Applicable Aerosol Can Diameter 35-65 mm
Applicable Aerosol Can Height 80-330 mm

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