ZHJY-50 Essential Oil Filling Corking and Capping Machine

ZHJY-50 Essential Oil Filling Corking and Capping Machine

ZHJY-50 essential oil filling machine is designed to automatically fill, cork, and cap essential oil bottles. This liquid bottle capping machine can operate at speeds of up to 50 bottles per minute.

1. ZHJY-50 essential oil filling machine features high automatization, high yield, wide application, and good stability.
2. It has functions of automatic bottle transit, automatic bottle detecting (no bottle, no filling) and filling, and automatic cap setting and capping.
3. Compared with oversea products, this one is more competitive. The machine meets the GMP standard.

1. The liquid bottle capping machine has one year warranty period. We will provide wear parts for free, except caused by human factors.
2. ZHJY-50 essential oil filling machine introduces European technology. It is certified by CE and SGS.
3. Installation training is offered.

1. Put the bottles into the feeding conveyor to let them enter the filling machine in order.
2. The exam sensor starts to exam if there is bottle on this station. Then deliver the exam signal to the inner control system, to control no bottle, no filling.
3. If the sensor exams that there are bottles, then the essential oil filling machine starts to fill.
4. The bottles after filling enter into the automatic caps dropping station through the rotary table.
5. The bottles after dropping caps enter into automatic capping station.
6. At last, the bottles after capping will be sent into the output conveyor.

Specification of ZHJY-50 Essential Oil Filling Machine

Filling Volume (ml) 5, 10, 20, 30
Productivity (bottles/min) 40-50
Filling Accuracy ≥99% 
Corking Yield Rate ≥99% 
Capping Yield Rate 99.9%
Power (KW) 1.0

Package, Delivery & Payment
Our essential oil filling machines will be packaged by wooden boxes. They are delivered by sea, airplane or by land. Payment by T/T or L/C is acceptable.

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