NJP-200/400/800/1200 Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

This automatic capsule filling machine is adopted with plugs filling, intermittent operation and frequency conversion speed adjustment. It’s suitable for automatically completing feeding capsules, separate capsules, filling capsules, closing capsules (waste capsules rejection) and finishing products with capsules in powder and pellets.
The automatic capsule filling machine contains fully enclosed 10 stations rotating table, and characteristic as high accuracy, low noise and best suitable for domestic machine made capsules. The key parts of bearing and electrical equipment is both adopted with the international famous brand, performance steady and can run at a high speed.
This machine by China capsule filling machine manufacturer is made of quality stainless steel in the direct capsule touching part, provides dust collector device, all according to GMP standard.


Item 200 400 800 1200
Output (pcs/min) 200 400 800 1200
No. of Segment Bores 2 3 6 9
Appropriate for Capsule 00#-4# 00#-4# 00#-4# 00#-4#
Total Power 3 kW 3 kW 4 kW 5 kW
Overall Weight 600 Kg 700 Kg 800 Kg 900 Kg
Overall Dimension(mm) 640×670×1700 730×950×1700 700×900×1800 800×1000×1800
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