Company: Shanghai Landytop Industry Co., Ltd.
ADD: Gangtai Road, Jinhui Town, Fengxian, Shanghai, China.
TEL: +86-21-6475 368
+86-21-6475 259
FAX: +86-21-6475 756

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Technical Advantages:
1.Our products have wide practicability, and they are quite easy to maintain.
2.Our products have strong maneuverability. Our products are easy to operate, and its components can be easily found in the markets, so clients will find it easy to replace them.
3.The appearances of our products are quite attractive, and they are manufactured strictly according to the physical structures of human beings. Their designs are quite humanized.

Product Advantages:
1.There are no bubble problems in the filling process of our products.
2.Their pumps are high-quality.
3.There are no small-caliber filling problems in our equipment.
4.All of our products are environment friendly.

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