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Syrup Cooler

Description of SD-TL Model Syrup Cooler:
This SD-TL model syrup cooler is a kind of equipment for producing soft drinks. Freon refrigeration compressor and F-12 refrigerant have been utilized by this cooler.

It has features of secure operation, reliable performance, elegant appearance, etc.

Parameters of SD-TL Model Syrup Cooler:
Compressor (r/min) 2F6.3-S
Volume (m3) 0.3/0.5
Evaporation Area (m2) 1.5/2
Refrigerating (kj/h) 16720(4000 kilocalories)
Outlet Syrup Temperature (℃) 0-5
Power (kw) 3
Appearance Dimensions (mm) 1100×900×2278
Weight (Kg) 500
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